The Truth About Refinancing in Today’s Economy

Many people have thought about refinancing their home with today’s economy. Refinancing can save you a lot of money but you must know the facts.

Home refinancing is a great option for people looking to lower their monthly payments, get money for home improvements or even avoid foreclosure. put together some great tips to ensure you are considering all that needs to be considered before refinancing your home.

Interest rates are still at historic lows but the end may be in the near future. Now is the best time to determine if refinancing is the right option for you.

Consider these 3 things:

1. Understand lender fees and points.
Be sure to discuss and ask questions regarding the lender fees and points on your new loan. Making sure you understand the parameters of the loan ensures that there are no surprises, such as last-minute closing costs or higher than expected interest rates.

2. Research prepayment penalties
Depending on the contract details, some mortgages have penalties for prepayment. Call your current mortgage lender and ask them about prepayment penalties. Even if you have a penalty, it might still make sense to refinance based on the amount of money you’ll save.

3. Obtain a variety of refinancing quotes
Shopping around for quotes from a variety of companies is a smart idea because each one will offer you something different. Comparing quotes and contract details helps you pick the best refinancing offer for your situation.



About tamirapaport

I have been a Tenafly Realtor for many years and continue to offer excellent service for my friends and clients. I have been fortunate to be the only realtor to achive Platinum Level Sales Award for 8 years in a row! (NJAR Circle of Excellence 2002-2009) and in 2008, I ranked #3 out of 3,900 Coldwell Banker agents throughout the entire state of New Jersey! I love my job and my committment shows. I am also a member of Coldwell Banker International President's Premier, the top 1% worldwide of the heighest sales ranking within the company. Awards are great recognition, but my clients will tell you I get the job done! I am multi-lingual and speak fluent Hebrew as well as English.
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