Increase Curb Appeal!

Has your home been on the market for a while now?  Are you starting to feel some despair?  Well have no fear!  Here are a few great tips to increase your home’s curb appeal, provided by MSN Real Estate :

  • Start the power washer. 
    Winter is finally over and your home has probably taken quite the beating from it.  Rent or borrow a power washer and give the exterior of your home a good cleaning. 
  • Clean out flower beds. 
    Although you may not have flowers coming up in your beds yet, still make sure that they are presentable.  Trim dormant ornamental grasses and hostas to the ground, and clean out any leaves and sticks that piled up in the winter.
  • Trim branches. 
    If you haven’t already done so, go out on the street and make sure that no shrubs or low hanging tree branches block the view of your house.  You want potential buyers to get a clear look at the house as they drive by or approach it.
  • Prune flowering shrubs. 
    Flowering shrubs should be pruned after they’ve flowered.  It’s important to shape these shrubs for the best visual effect, but hold off until their flowers have faded; this will keep the plant healthy and give you – or hopefully the next homeowner – more buds next year.
  • Plant in containers. 
    It may still be too cold in your part of the county to put annuals in the bed, but you can add life and color to your yard with container gardening.  Buy some colorful pots and fill them with vibrant flowers.  Place them on the front porch, going down your front steps or even in your flower beds.
  • Look at your gutters. 
    Take a look upstairs.  If you have leaves and sticks hanging out of your gutters from winter storms, drag out the ladder and clean them out.  Dirty gutters are an eyesore to potential buyers.
  • Add mulch. 
    Mulch always looks a bit sad after winter; it gets spread around and blown about.  Adding a thick new layer of mulch can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Tami Rapaport

Coldwell Banker Residential

130 Dean Drive

Tenafly, NJ. 07670

Direct:  201-227-2045

Cell:     201–665-5558


About tamirapaport

I have been a Tenafly Realtor for many years and continue to offer excellent service for my friends and clients. I have been fortunate to be the only realtor to achive Platinum Level Sales Award for 8 years in a row! (NJAR Circle of Excellence 2002-2009) and in 2008, I ranked #3 out of 3,900 Coldwell Banker agents throughout the entire state of New Jersey! I love my job and my committment shows. I am also a member of Coldwell Banker International President's Premier, the top 1% worldwide of the heighest sales ranking within the company. Awards are great recognition, but my clients will tell you I get the job done! I am multi-lingual and speak fluent Hebrew as well as English.
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